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Korean Classes

New Classes  start on 4 May, 2024

Our Main Classes

   Our main classes are 6. A and B for beginner, C and D for intermediate, E and S for advanced classes. All the above Main classes are for 4 times. 2 times on Saturday and 2 times on Sunday. Only beginner classes A and B will be provided in Greek. The intermediate C,D classes and advanced E,S classes are in the Korean language only. All our professors are native Koreans.

Study korean language. Happy cheerful wo

A Class

Study korean language. Happy cheerful wo

C Class

Teen student smiling over Korean

E Class

Study korean language. Happy cheerful wo

B Class

Korean concept with happy Surprised cute

D Class

Happy child girl pupil with book against

S Class

Please use level Test if you don't know where to register



Minimum Number of Students: 7

Maximum Number of Students: 20

  • In the case, the number of students is less than the minimum the class will be canceled.

  • In case of the maximum number of student extend we will make another Class at the same time.

  • 1 time = 45 min. 

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