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Greeting message

Dear students.

      Over the last few months, all of us have been inundated with what is happening all around the world with Covid-19. Somehow our lifestyle has been affected in many aspects. We now walk in a pandemic era, which is a threat, but it is also an opportunity to be productive and look for alternative ways to work, study and to entertain ourselves.
      In the last decade, the interest in Korean culture and language has rapidly increased. Regrettably in Europe, there are not so many ways or places, where you can learn Korean. As a result, it has become unapproachable and unaffordable in comparison with other languages. Consequently, I see the opportunity of making a specialized Korean language center, which will provide high-quality content at an affordable price. Making a new language learning paradigm and being hopeful that
it will be a useful way of learning globally.
      I am excited to share the passion of learning Korean. As a Korean, I feel grateful to see more and more people getting interested in the Korean language and culture. Hence our aim is not to provide just education, but as well a total care solution regarding your Korean experience. This is my mission and my dedication.

Sincerely yours
Cho Kihoon Heerap

Cho Kihoon Heerap  

Our Mission

Affordable price for all, yet high quality of learning A place, whereas both students and teachers are happy. Best Korean language Center

Image by Ian Schneider

Our Vision

Break barriers. To make a new paradigm in the language learning era. Learn any language from everywhere, for everyone

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