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We are a specialized language center for learning Korean through online classes. We have a variety of courses from beginners to the high level of the certificate of TOPIK. The demand for the Korean language is rising as the interest in Korean culture increases. At this time, studying Korean could open up new opportunities.

Our Classes


Our Main Classes

   Our main classes are 6. A and B for beginner, C and D for intermediate, E and S for advanced classes. All the above Main classes are for 4 hours. 2 hours on Saturday and 2 hours on Sunday. Only beginner classes A and B will be provided in English, French, German and Greek. The intermediate C,D classes and advanced E,S classes are in the Korean language only. All our professors are native Koreans.

Beginner  16 Weeks each


A Class

Introduction of Korean.

For new Students without any

knowledge of Korean.


B class

For Students that know the basics of the Korean alphabet. For students who can write and read some Korean words and self-introduce themselves shotly.

Intermadiate 16 Weeks each


 C Class

This class focuses on the improvement of speaking, writing, listening and reading. Part 1.


 D class

This class focuses on the improvement of speaking, writing, listening and reading. Part 2

Advanced 24 Weeks each


 E Class

At this level, we are focusing on 

improving Korean in all aspects.

Including TOPIK2 exam scores. Part 3,4


 S class

The highest level of our classes.

Only for students who are highly motivated. TOPIK II part 5,6

More Fun With Us


Turn up the volume of Korean Radio

There are 15 free Korean radio stations. You could listen to Korean songs and stories. Through Radio, you can better understand Korean culture and everyday life and is a great help while studying Korean


Follow famous artists

The Korean music industry has a big variety. There are well-known groups and artists for every genre. Among them K-pop is the most popular worldwide. Below you can find some of them. Click to enjoy...

Discuss about...

This is a place, where you can ask questions and everything about Korea and the Korean language. Whatever comes up to your mind, you are welcome to share and discuss with us.